Welcome to the blog section of my site.
Here, you can listen to me ramble. About what?

I’m not sure. I suppose we’ll both find out. Mostly it will be about books, writing, parenting and kids, while the medical stuff I blog about will appear in the Allergist section of my site. I’ve tried to keep them separate to annoy as few people as possible.

The Irony That I Wrote A Book

When I was little my mother suspected I had a learning disability when it came to the english language. Which makes it ironic that I have just published my first book, From Ant To Eagle. Why was my mother worried? Not to mention every teacher I ever had… Because I was (and still am) an atrocious…

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Giver Joke Cover

How I (Didn’t) Designed My Book Cover

Here’s a slightly embellished conversation regarding my book cover: Publisher: “Have you given any thought to what you’d like the cover of your book to look like?” Me: “Yes, I would like it to have a big sticker in the top corner. One that says Newbery, or Man Booker, or Pulitzer.” Publisher: “Those are awards. You…

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So You Want to Write a Book?

Sorry for my long hiatus. This last year has been very busy. Between writing my Pediatric board exam, finishing my first novel and having our third child I didn’t have much time to blog. But I’m back and ready to go! I recently signed a book deal with Central Avenue Publishing for my first novel FROM ANT TO…

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Oh, The Things Children Say!

As a pediatrician and father of three, I’ve heard some pretty funny things said by children. Here are my some of my favourites: 1. While my grandmother was very sick in the hospital and we were sitting around for a family dinner: Wife: “This curried cauliflower is delicious. Where’d you get the recipe?” Me: “My grandmother.”…

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