A new form of procrastination – just what I needed!!!

My Pediatric Board Exam is in precisely 88 days, my wife and kids are still with her family on vacation, the house is quiet, decluttered and ready for studying… except I didn’t take my Dexedrine today…

Ah well, becoming a blogger seems like more fun anyway.

So here’s the skinny on me:

I’m 29-years-old (for another 9 days), I’ve completed 11 years of post-secondary education (I know… life draining… more to come on that…) including an undergrad in medical sciences, my M.D., a residency in pediatrics and 1 year of a fellowship in pediatric allergy and immunology.

I live in Vancouver with my wonderful wife who is a pediatric nurse (yes, we met exactly how you’d guess… scandalous… yay for cliches…), our sassy 6-year-old and our super-chill 6-month-old.

This blog has a few purposes:

1. To vent about my frustrations with the process of becoming a doctor

2. To explain some of the methods I have tried – whether successfully or unsuccessfully – to mitigate the stresses of my work

3. To enlighten people on the funny side of medicine

4. And lastly, to describe my path to finding my one true love – creative writing

Err, I mean my wife…

Creative writing is my second true love…

Hope you find this blog informative, funny, useful, whatever…

If you do or don’t, let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Cheers, and a Happy 2015 to all!!!


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