Dr. Alex Lyttle:

YYC Allergy Clinic located in the Poplar Centre

5504 Macleod Trail SW #370
Calgary AB. T2H 0J5

Phone: 403-251-6066
Fax: 403-251-6065

Dr. Lyttle is unfortunately unable to answer medically related questions via email or phone. If you are a patient with any urgent concerns, go to the nearest emergency department. If you have a non-urgent concern, please contact the Arid Mountain Clinic to book a follow up appointment. For new patients, a referral is required. Dr. Lyttle is a pediatric allergist and only sees patients younger than 19 years of age. Dr. Stephen Cheuk and Dr. Arjun Rash work in the same clinic and both see patients of all ages. I would suggest seeing them if you are 19 or older and have allergy related concerns.

Dr. Lyttle’s waitlist is presently estimated at 6-8 months however is subject to change.