Dr. Alex Lyttle:

Arid Mountain Allergy Clinic located in the Oakbay Plaza

2515 90th Ave SW #143
Calgary AB. T2V 0L8

Phone: 403-251-6066
Fax: 403-251-6065

Dr. Lyttle is unfortunately unable to answer medically related questions via email or phone. If you are a patient with any urgent concerns, go to the nearest emergency department. If you have a non-urgent concern, please contact the Arid Mountain Clinic to book a follow up appointment. For new patients, a referral is required. Dr. Lyttle is a pediatric allergist and only sees patients younger than 19 years of age. Dr. Stephen Cheuk works in the same clinic and sees patients of all ages. I would suggest seeing him if you are 19 or older and have allergy related concerns.

Dr. Lyttle’s waitlist is presently estimated at 3-6 months however is subject to change.